Graduated New York University with a BFA in Film and Television Production in May 2010. Available for full time and freelance.

4 Responses to Anton

  1. Clive Hicks-Jenkins says:

    Anton, are these works painted and drawn electronically or with brushes and pencils? I have no skills with drawing at a computer, though I marvel at what can be done with them. I fear I'd be lost without a pencil, though if I were younger I know I'd be using the current technology.

  2. W.E. Demers says:

    You might consider submitting your artwork to indie game companies. You may not make as much as those at Blizzard or BioWare, but from what you've posted on this website, you clearly have vision and talent that these up-and-coming firms could benefit from. Who knows where these gaming outfits will go eventually.

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